Stan Vaughan for Congress District 1

Press Release
Dina Titus must take responsibility for higher unemployment


Stan Vaughan, candidate for US Congress, District 1, took time out during his campaign today to emphasize another key difference between himself and Dina Titus.

Dina Titus has stated "I support taking action to address climate change." (source response to Frank Peletson dated April 24, 2009). Titus voted for H.R. 2454 the Cap and Trade Bill.

Vaughan states to the contrary, " I have never believed in the Global Warming Hoax." Nevada voters in District 1 do not want the extra $3,000 a year in national energy taxes Titus voted for...

Cap-and Trade Bill (American Clean Energy and Security Tax H.R. 2454) Titus Voted: YES A vote in favor of this bill established a “Cap-and-Trade” regime to reduce carbon emissions to slow “global warming.” Also known as “Cap-and-Tax,” the bill would impose a new national energy tax costing each family $3,000 per year on average. It is estimated to increase unemployment by 1,105,000 jobs per year. (Source: League of American Voters)