Stan Vaughan for Congress District 1


About Stan Vaughan

In 1975 as a high school senior Stan Vaughan was introduced to the great game of chess and developed a passion for it. By 1980 he was the Gold Medal winner representing the United States at the International Student Games and became American Chess Association National Champion the same year, which through 2012 he have won 32 times, surpassing Paul Morphy’s and Bobby Fisher’s records of wins.

Stan got his Masters in Business Administration and earned a PhD in Accounting. Stan studied a number of foreign languages and have also since received a PhDs in History and Literature.

- 1982: Stan set the World record for number of blindfold simultaneous games played (without any assistance of reference to game score sheets) while serving his country in the Army. And just recently, he breaks a World record of 110 blindfold simultaneous chess game wins!

- 1982 – 1986:  Grandmaster Stan’s expertise as a cryptanalyst led him being noted for having solved two of the most important previously unsolved ciphers in the world: The Shugborough Hall Monument cipher for which he had received an award from the Reform Club, and the Zodiac Serial Killer 340 character cipher. Stan was also National Trivial Pursuit Champion of 1986.

- 1988: GM Vaughan set the new World record for the most simultaneous correspondence chess games, playing 1300 games at one time. Same year he also won  the US National Correspondence Chess Championship of the Chess Connection (TCC).

- 1989 and 1995:  Stan won  Mensa World Correspondence Chess Championships.

Meanwhile n 1992, FIDE (International Chess Federation) President Florencio Campomanes signed a document to the effect that Robert Fischer continued to be “The World Chess Champion”.

Fischer had a competitor to FIDE (International Chess Federation) set up called the World Chess Federation, which owns the worldwide rights to its name and the worldwide rights to “The World Chess Championship”.

Fischer confirmed the title “The World Chess Champion” by defeating Boris Spassky in 1992.

- 1994:  Bobby Fischer retired, undefeated and declined to defend the title in, at which time as the challenger and American Chess Association champion titleholder, GM Stan Vaughan became WCF Champion and defended the title successfully in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008.

- 1995-2007: Stan won the prestigious 3rd, 4th, and 5th World Correspondence Chess Federation Championships.

- 2004: Stan set another World record for over the board simultaneous games, playing 730 games at one time.

Mayors of Las Vegas have proclaimed ‘Stan Vaughan Days’  in recognizing these achievements as well as those as a chess coach, having coached numerous individual and team scholastic chess champions during the 1980′s and 1990′s.

 - Present: GM Stan Vaughan is currently scheduled to defend the WCF “The World Chess Champion” title in 2012 against Ron Gross, winner of the Candidates Tournament held in 2010 at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, pending receiving any legitimate challenge for the title in the interim to defend against.

Stan is the author of the award winning  “Paul Morphy, Confederate Spy”  available from

This book is the culmination of forty years of historical research on World Chess Champion Paul Morphy as well as simultaneously offering intricate insights from a unique perspective on the War Between the States. In the field of literature I have also written other best selling books as well.

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- April 2012:  GM Stan Vaughan ran for the US Congress District 1 Nevada.